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Re-gluing Ski Skins

When it comes to backcountry skiing and splitboarding, the condition of your skins and how well they stick to your skis can make or break your day. There is nothing worse than working your way up a skin track and all of a sudden you loose traction and notice that your skin is just flopping around behind you... Read More

DIY Dehydrated Meals: Save Weight and Money

A veteran co-guide of mine explained to me how he likes to dehydrates a majority of his personal food for his annual 21 day Denali climb. I was quite surprised at how much weight he was able to drop from his food alone. Plus the cost is a fraction of what freeze dried meals cost in outdoor stores!

Posted by Jeff Voigt — June 09, 2014

An Intro to The Layering System

The key to comfort and ultimately the success and safety of any backcountry outing comes down to having the right clothing to keep you protected from the elements as well as keep your body at a comfortable temperature. The human body has a narrow temperature range that it needs to stay within to work at its optimum level. If it gets too cold or too hot, its efficiency decreases and ultimately hypothermia or over heating and sweating can become a problem.


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Thermos Bottles and Cold Weather Climbing

Thermos Bottles and Cold Weather Climbing


When there is a potential trip with cold weather and winter like temps, especially in high altitude environments, I consider my vacuum “thermo” bottle part of my med kit, mainly because there is so much one can do with it when it heat or water are needed.

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Glove Systems for Alpine Climbing

Picking the correct gloves for your climb is essential for the comfort and well being of your hands when dealing with changing weather conditions and applications. With so many brands, styles, and fabrics on the market, finding the best pair of gloves can be a daunting task. The reality of choosing the perfect glove is that there is no one perfect glove. Read More

Guides Choice Testing Program

For more than 20 years the prestigious Guides Choice program has identified the best and most cutting-edge equipment for alpinists, rock climbers, skiers, and many other backcountry travelers.

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