Petzl Tikka RXP

The Petzl Tikka RXP is a headlamp that is designed to automatically adjust the amount of light output, based on the amount of ambient light measured by a built-in sensor. For example, if you are hiking along a trail and looking down at your footing, the RXP will provide a diffused wide-angle, lower lumen beam for proximal tasks, but if you look up to observe where the trail is going in the distance, it will automatically increase the light output and activate a more powerful focused beam for seeing greater distances. The main purposes for reactive lighting technology are to allow the user to have the proper amount of lighting for the task without having to always manually press a button to change between different brightnesses, as well as helping to prolong battery life by allowing the headlamp to control the light output.


The Petzl Tikka RXP is ideal for anyone who needs the ability to see back and forth frequently from near to far at night. Activities such as backpacking, alpine climbing, ski touring, and trail running would all benefit from reactive lighting.

The RXP also has the benefit of constant lighting. If you find that the reactive mode is not working for your activity for any reason, you can simply press the mode button on the side of the lamp to turn off the light sensor and use the RXP in a traditional constant lumen manner.

Both constant and reactive modes have three additional sub-modes that are toggled between by pressing the power button on the top of the headlamp. The three sub-modes, in order of operation are max autonomy which provides the lowest light output, but provides the longest burn time, standard mode which provides more light output and about half of the max burn time, the last sub-mode is max power which provides the brightest light output but again decreases the total burn time. 

The RXP also has a red light mode that is toggled through the mode button on the side of the lamp. When the power button is pressed once while in the red light mode the RXP switches to flashing red.

While using any lighting mode, the power button can be pressed two times to enter boot mode. Boost mode proves a 215-lumen spot light that projects 110 meters for 10 seconds to allow you to scan distant terrain before automatically returning back to the mode you were using.

Lighting performance as reported by Petzl

Lighting technology Lighting modes Brightness Distance Burn time Reserve mode
REACTIVE LIGHTING Max autonomy 7 to 80 lm 2 to 70 m 10 h * 1 h at 25 lm
Standard 7 to 160 lm 2 to 90 m 5 h *
Max power 7 to 215 lm 2 to 110 m 2 h 30 *
CONSTANT LIGHTING proximity 45 lm for 10 h 25 m for 10 h 10 h
movement 100 lm for 5 h 75 m for 5 h 5 h
rapid movement 150 lm for 2 h 30 100 m for 2 h 30 2 h 30
* Minimum guaranteed burn time

 After all, that is said, it goes without saying that the Tikka RXP user manual is well worth a read through. When you understand the mode and sub-mode functions and spend about 5 minutes playing with it in the dark it is pretty easy to operate.


  • Very bright when you need it to be.
  • Lightweight compared to other lamps with similar max outputs.
  • Reactive lighting means no more reaching up constantly to switch between different brightnesses.
  • USB rechargeable out of the box so no wasting batteries. (AAA battery compartment can replace rechargeable battery, and can be purchased separately if needed)
  • Power lock out is automatic when the headlamp is turned off, so limits the possibility of coming on in your pack.
  • Output levels and battery discharge profiles can be customized by plugging the RXP into your computer and using Petzl OS software (Rechargeable battery pack only)


  • There is a learning curve to operate the RXP.
  • Sometimes your breath on a cold night, water, or campfires can interfere with the reactive lighting.
  • A bit on the pricey side at $99
  • Battery life can be short when using brightest settings frequently.



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