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 The Footprint2.5 is installed under your Samaya2.5 to guarantee the protection and longevity of your tent floor when the ground is abrasive. At only 195 grams and 0.8 litres of packed volume, this accessory allows you to enjoy the tenting experience all year round and on any type of terrain. Don't let a small misplaced pebble spoil your night under the stars!


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The footprint of the Samaya2.5 weighs only 195 grams and packs down to 0.8 litres in volume. It slips under your tent to protect it from potential abrasion and puncture risks.

Although Dyneema® composite is renowned for its strength and durability in addition to its light weight, it remains remains susceptible to wear tear like any other tent floor, depending on the ground on which it is laid.

Samaya is therefore committed to providing you with a floor mat that is perfectly adapted to increase the life of your tent Samaya and guarantee you a safe use whatever your use.

Experience the your tent all year round and on all types of terrain without fear of damaging your floor. During your long treks where the next sleeping place is constantly uncertain and when you want to set up your tent without thinking too much, in order to quickly switch from action to contemplation, the footprint2.5 is a must.

Each side of the floor mat has a specific coating. The part in direct contact with the ground is siliconised to increase abrasion resistance. The surface in contact with the tent is covered with a PU coating which, thanks to its sticky aspect, prevents the two fabrics from sliding over each other.


Floor waterproofness: 3,000 mm


Minimum weight: 195 g (7 oz)
Packed weight: 200 g (7 oz)

Floor space: 2100 mm x 2000 mm (83 in x 79 in)
Surface area: 3.2 m² (34.4 sq. ft.)
Packed size: 140 mm x 200 mm x 30 mm (6 in x 8 in x 1 in)
Packed volume: 0.8 L