Pro Deal Info

The following are different pro deals that are accessible to office, shop and guide staff. Please become familiar with the brands that are available through the various pro deal websites and please only ask about brands that you cannot find only after you have looked to determine it is not listed on one of the pro deal sites.

If you are in need of a pro deal that is not available please email Christian or Charlie ( about it and they will check to see if we can get it set up. There are no guarantees that companies will allow us to have pro deal access if we are not dealers with them.

More pro deal forms will be added as time goes on, so check back and see if there are any new vendors available.


Online Prodeals

Expert Voice and offer industry pricing on lots of different brands.

EXPERTICITY: You will need to join the "American Alpine Institute Guides Team" to gain access to 100's of different pro deals. 


Downloadable Paper Pro Forms

Click the links to download a copy of the document. The paper forms need to be filled out and signed by Christian or Charlie. If you cannot make it to the shop to have them signed, call and let them know you will fax or email it to the shop and they will sign it and send it to the manufacturer for you.

Company Run Pro Deal Programs

These pro deals are overseen by the companies themselves. Generally, you will need to apply online and submit something like a pay stub to prove that you work for AAI. Once approved you will be part of the AAI roster, and should only have to update your proof of employment once per year.

If you have visited the site before and created a Username and Password  click "SIGN IN".
- Click on “Create and Account”
- Create a unique Username for yourself such as your email address
- Fill in your name (exactly as it appears on the roster) and you MUST use the same email address that is on the roster that was sent to us.
- Create a password that you can remember
- If you choose to receive the ProWire Newsletter you will receive exciting information on new product, special deals, and other BD info
- Click “Register”
This should take you to the actual Pro Purchase Application
- IMPORTANT!!!- You must select the “Guide Service" Group category!
- Click “Member” under that category
- Complete all of the requested information
- For “Customer Account Number” enter 99103-36494
- If you have other Qualifications or Credentials list them otherwise enter “Name on Roster”
- No need to upload or send us any documentation
- Click “Continue” which will give you a message stating that have been approved and that you will receive and email with instructions..
- Click “Proceed to My Account” to verify your account info.
-If you wish to start shopping immediately:
Click “Log Out” from the top banner, go back to, select “My Account” from the top banner and log back in. 
You should then see the discounted pricing, and be able to place your order. 
-Contact us at or 801.365.5555 with any questions or feedback.


  • Patagonia

    1) Guides / Staff listed on the roster should go to and begin an application under Climbing & Mountaineering   Guide category.

    2) The first step is to upload a document.  They will need to upload a word document (or written document) that clearly states they are listed on the American Alpine Institute roster.

    3) Next, they will fill their contact info into a registration page, which will complete the application process.

    4) Their pro application will be reviewed within a few business days and we will respond accordingly.

  • C.A.M.Pemail with a picture of a recent pay stub and tell them you work for AAI.  
  • Metolius: Every month a different pro deal code is issued, just email jeff@alpineinsitute for the current month's code.

Employee Discounts in the Shop

As an AAI employee, you can receive 35% off of most items we stock in the shop, and on our website. Exceptions include Garmin and Totem, which are 20% off.

If ordering off of the website use the discount code aaiguide&staff at checkout to get your discount.