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On high mountain expeditions, 50 to 60% of base camps are set up on rocky terrain, more commonly known as moraines, and not on snow. The Samaya BASECAMP's footprint is designed to preserve the ground of your tent and thus increase its lifespan regardles of the conditions you encounter. With the same format as your tent, you can choose to put the BASECAMP Footprint only under your room or also under your vestibule.


The Samaya BASECAMP footprint is designed to protect the floor of your tent when base camp is not on snow.

In the high mountains and during your expeditions, 50 to 60% of base camps are erected on moraines (piles of boulders and rocky debris). Sometimes intended to remain in the same place for several months, your tent could suffer undesired damage to the floor fabric due to repeated rubbing on one and the same surface. This would probably cause water ingress and loss of insulation.

Anticipate this and don't let any detail disturb your expedition and deprive you of a not insignificant comfort.

This footprint will also allow you to increase the spectrum of use of your Samaya BASECAMP. Developed for polar and Himalayan expeditions, this tent will also be perfect to enjoy a family camping trip on any type of terrain and at any altitude. Equip your Samaya BASECAMP with the footprint to extend its use!

Each side of the footprint has a specific coating. The part in direct contact with the floor is siliconized to increase abrasion resistance. The surface in contact with the tent is covered with a PU coating which, thanks to its sticky texture, keeps the two fabrics from slipping on each other.

Floor waterproofness: 10 000 mm

Minimum weight: 830 g (1 lb 13 oz)
Packed weight: 850 g (1 lb 14 oz)

Floor space: 4500 mm x 2700 mm (177 in x 106 in)
Surface area: 8.9 m² (95.8 sq. ft.)
Packed size: 150 mm x 210 mm x 30 mm (6 in x 8 in x 1 in)
Packed volume: 0.9 L

Floor fabric: Nylon 70D PU/Silicon 10 000 mm