Tommy Caldwell 9.3 Eco Dry

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Edelrid has teamed up with Tommy Caldwell yet again to make their new bi-pattern 9.3mm climbing rope. The eye-catching ColorTec used to change the weave halfway through the rope creates for a bi-pattern with such different colored halves, it'll look like you have two ropes with you. Never again will you worry about finding the middle of your rope. We love the Edelrid ropes for their supple feel, even after taking a good beating, and the Tommy Caldwell 9.3 is no different. We have even included a couple of them into our guide fleet, and they seem to always be off the shelves on a trip due to their quality and versatility. The rope is lightweight enough to carry up to those backcountry alpine routes, while still being tough enough to take a solid beating at the crag. The eco dry technology is not only better for the environment, but is so good that the rope only absorbs 2% (that's %3 better than the UIAA standard!) of it's weight in water. This makes the rope great for glacier travel and quick belays across a creek where you'll be happy to know you're not carrying the ropes weight in water on the other side. All in all, the Tommy Caldwell 9.3 is a great rope that excels in many forms of climbing and you'll love to have it in your bag for countless adventures in the alpine or out at the local crag. 


  • Diameter [mm]: 9.3
  • Dynamic elongation [%]: 34
  • impact force [kN]: 9
  • Core proportion [%]: 61
  • Sheath proportion [%]: 39
  • weight per meter [g/m]: 57
  • Static elongation [%]: 7.4
  • Number of falls: 7
  • UIAA: Yes
  • country of origin: Germany
  • Single Rope: Yes