New MSR Snow Tools for 2014 / 2015

We just received a batch of MSR's new up-and-coming snow tools for field testing! MSR is debuting two avalanche shovels, three probes and a pretty slick snow saw for Fall of 2014. In our testing package we received the Responder and Operator Shovels the Striker CX 320, and Striker 320 probes.

Left to right: Responder Shovel, Striker 320, Striker CX 320 Probes, Beta Snow Science Saw, Operator Shovel


The Operator and Responder shovel blades are both made of lightweight but very durable 6061 - T6 aluminum. The blade profile features a nice flat "neckless" platform for your boot, when you need some extra oomph while digging in firm snow. The serrated blade is not super sharp like other serrated shovel blades that we have seen on the market, but will definitely create points of concentration to break up ice while digging. The shaft is an irregular-hexagonal shape that fits very nicely into the blade with almost no wiggle or play. The Operator will be available in a D-handle, or T-handle, and the Responder will be available in only a T-handle.

The Beta Snow Science Saw is constructed of durable stainless and features aggressive snow and wood cutting teeth. Lightening cut-outs on the blade reduce friction and keep the weight to a scant 190 grams (6.7 oz.) with the sheath included. There are also 1 & 3mm crystal grids, an angled handle and a bottle opener! What else could you want in a snow saw?

The Striker line of probes all feature variable-diameter construction where the lower section of the probe is a larger diameter and thicker walled aluminum than the upper section. The Striker CX 320 features a carbon upper section and an aluminum lower section. T-handle grip and a textured top section make deployment easy when conditions are damp. All versions of the Striker have tension adjustment to keep the probe sections securely together. 

These are just a few of the cool features that the new MSR snow tools have.

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