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 Guides Choice International Field Testing

The Equipment Shop at the American Alpine Institute also administers AAI’s prestigious Guide’s Choice Award. Equipment and clothing that have been awarded the Guides Choice designation have proven to be the top item in their product category. The awards are made on the basis of excellence in design, performance, and durability demonstrated in rigorous international field tests carried out by the professional guides of the Institute. A large majority of the products at the Equipment Shop and on its website, have been field-tested or have been vetted and are in the process of being field-tested.

Gear Preparation and Maintenance 

Please take the time to properly label and identify all items of personal gear. With multiple climbers all sharing a single campsite and cook tent, it can be very easy to forget which water bottle or set of gloves belongs to you. Many items of gear that climbers bring are almost identical. Your name on a garment tag or a piece of colored tape on carabiners and miscellaneous items are easy ways to label your gear; fingernail polish is universally excellent. If using tape or colored markers, make sure your method is durable and water resistant.

Any items of clothing that are not new should be inspected to make sure that the seams, stitching, and waterproof properties of the garments are intact and adequate for the rigors of an expedition. Items of clothing such as shell jackets and softshell items should be cleaned and treated with a durable water repellent (DWR) such as Nikwax TX Direct, or GearAid Revivex. Gloves with leather or synthetic palms should be treated with a leather waterproofing agent such as the Nikwax product for leather and suede. Make sure all of your packs and bags have buckles and straps that are in good working order. Bringing an extra buckle or two in case one should break in the cold weather is a very good idea.

In short, ensure that your equipment is in excellent condition for this expedition.