Denali Rental Ice Axe

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This product is available to AAI Alaska program clients ONLY. 

A variety of axes are suitable, a wrist loop/leash is not required. On the brief sections of the route where a leash would be helpful, we can fashion one from a sling or your pack prusik/tether. Many climbers insulate the head of their ice axe with a small piece of foam or similar material. In colder temperatures, heat can be lost conductively through your glove when gripping the cold axe. This insulation should be small enough to not affect the performance of the ice axe or your ability to grip it, swing it, and self-arrest.

Ice Axe Sizing

5'8" or shorter: 50-55cm

5'9"-6' : 55-60cm

6'1"-6'3" : 60-65cm

6'4" and up: 65-68cm