Wall Rider MIPS

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A pioneer among its peers: the first climbing helmet featuring the patented MIPS technology, the Wall Rider MIPS offers maximum safety and protection from impacts caused by tumbling rocks or falls. When the Wall Rider MIPS helmet is subjected to an angled impact, the low friction layer allows the helmet to slide relative to the head. This means that some portion of the rotational forces and energies acting on the head at impact are redirected and absorbed rather than transferred to the brain, reducing the risk of brain injury. The Wall Rider MIPS combines a cushioning EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) core with a partial hard shell for maximum safety. At just 250g (size 56-61cm), this helmet is a real lightweight. The Wall Rider feels very comfortable to wear thanks to its ergonomic fit and pleasant cushioning. Be safer in the mountain with the Wall Rider MIPS. 

  • 6 out of 6
    6/6Alpine Climbing
  • 4 out of 6
    4/6Sport Climbing
  • 4 out of 6
    4/6Multipitch Climbing
  • 4 out of 6
    4/6Via Ferrata
  • EPP core combined with a partial Hard Shell
  • Ergonomic interior with comfortable padding
  • Large ventilation openings for good air circulation and heat discharge
  • Ultra-lightweight, minimalist adjustment system
  • All-round, fully adjustable chin strap for optimum fit
  • 2 clips on front and rubber loop on back for fixing a headlamp
  • EN 12492 standard