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Backcountry Skiing Mt. Baker, Washington — 2nd Edition

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Mount Baker, known for its deep snowpack, super accessible year-round touring and chill local scene, is one of the premier outdoor playgrounds in North America. This fully revised and updated guidebook includes 49 new and expanded routes in 10 new zones with remastered details and improved aerial photos. Every single page and detail are highly curated and reviewed to provide a professional and reliable decision making tool.

In the second edition you’ll find high-quality aerial photos marked with ascent and descent indicators, individual run descriptions, slope angles, aspect, Avalanche Terrain Exposure Scale ratings, parking and trailhead information and more in a lightweight book that can fit in your pack. In addition to the 150 Descents, approaches, exits, high routes, and circumnavigations, author Matt Schonwald addresses each zone’s terrain as it relates to terrain traps, convexities, and other avalanche hazards to keep in mind in each given zone. This edition also adds more coverage of Mount Baker, north of Hwy 542, and Twin Sisters Range. 

This 5.5” x 8.5” spiral-bound book covers the following zones: Bagley Lakes, Swift Creek, Shuksan Arm, Mount Ann + Annette, Herman Gulch, Ptarmigan Ridge, Iceberg + Mazama, Table Southwest Face, Barometer Mountain, Mount Herman, Herman + Stoneman, Slate Mountain, Shuksan, Mt. Baker (East, West, North, South), Goat Mountain, Winchester + Larrabee, Ruth + Icy, and the Twin Sisters Range.