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Camp Booties

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The synthetic insulated camp bootie for mountaineering, winter camping, and even around the cabin, hut, or house! Now your feet and toes can be nice and toasty after a hard day on your adventure! These will be a favorite for all of your trips, year-round! The Forty Below Camp Booties are insulated with a continuous filament polyester fiber, so they dry fast if they get wet. They also provide insulation even if wet, as compared to down/feather insulation which provides no insulation when wet, plus may not ever get dry again during a trip. This synthetic insulation goes completely around and under your foot.

The ribbon style lacing (5/8",16mm wide) goes over the top of the forefoot and around the leg, to tie in the front with a bow. It helps provide support and control on your foot, no more floppy booties! They are very compact, and superlight at only 10 ounces per pairsize medium! 

  • The sole is made of a thin waterproof unique rubber, embossed into a fabric with a small dot pattern
  • Sole stays flexible to -40 degrees
  • Drawcord with cord lock closure on cuff
  • Camp booties can be worn inside plastic boot shells for around camp while your liners are drying
Small: Women's 5-7.
Medium: Women's 8-9 / Men's 7-9.5.
Large: Women's 10+ / Men's 10-12.
X-Large: Men's 12.5-16