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Climbing Self Rescue: Essential Skills, Technical Tips, and Improvised Solutions (2024)

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The rope is stuck, or too short. A crucial piece of gear is MIA. You've wandered off route into dicey terrain. An injury leaves you or your partner in need of help. Climb long enough and finding yourself in a jam far from help is inevitable. In  Climbing: Self Rescue , two long-time climbing instructors and guides teach how to improvise your own solutions, calling for outside help only when necessary. 

* Climbing self-rescue procedures for teams of two -- the most common climbing party size 
* Techniques equally effective on rock, snow, and ice 
* Utilizes gear climbers already carry in their rack
* Includes 40 one-page rescue scenarios and solutions for climbing accident analysis

Because few climbers carry fancy (and expensive) search and rescue gear, all skills taught in this book use the items typically found on a climbing rack: rope, carabiners, slings, and cord. Text, illustrations, and photos explain knots, belaying and hauling systems, rappelling, ascension, passing knots, how to safely assist and rig an injured climber, and more. Roughly half of the book is devoted to real-life climbing scenarios and solutions ranging from moderate to severe. Because real-life situations rarely unfold as they do in practice,  Climbing Self-Rescue  teaches how to analyze and improvise your way out of a crisis.