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Bottle Boot 1 Liter

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The Forty Below® Bottle Boot™ 1 Liter/32oz. quart size, is a very insulating water bottle cover, to help keep water from freezing, especially in extreme cold environments. Used on expeditions worldwide for over 3 decades.  This insulated bottle cover is a unique design that enables the user to easily open with mittens or gloves, with easy access to the bottle, and no zippers to break or freeze.


  • Fits most 1 Liter/32oz. quart size water bottles, such as Nalgene, Hunersdorf, etc.
  • Helps keep liquids from freezing in cold conditions.
  • Helps keep liquids cool in warm conditions.
  • Low Profile Design.
  • Thick 6.5mm Closed Cell Neoprene foam insulation.
  • No zippers to break or freeze.
  • Webbing belt loop.
  • Velcro front closure.