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Designed for professional guides and alpine enthusiasts, the SMC Pro Picket is the perfect choice for those who need a super durable, best in class picket. The EnCAPsulator head provides an easy target and stands up to hard-hitting abuse. The Pro Picket comes with a dedicated swaged cable which tucks neatly into a machined oval slot. The slightly shorter 20-inch length is ideal for harder snow conditions often found in steeper terrain or late season.


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SKU 162021
Price $55.00
size S
Color Bright
Material Aluminum
  • Designed for hard use and for hard snow
  • Length: 21”
  • Weight: 12.4oz
  • Durable, high visibility strike point
  • Compact & lighter 21” vs 24” 
  • Attachment points allow Picket to be used as a dead-man “T” anchor or placed vertically
  • Swaged stainless steel cable deploys quickly and slices through hard snow.
  • Cable wraps up and stows neatly in keeper slot
  • Attachment cable strength rated to 8Kn
  • Constructed with SMC’s proven I-beam construction, providing dependable and resilient performance