Blue Ice

Aero Lite Ice Screw

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New to the game, but making a splash, Blue Ice makes their ultralight ice screw debut with the Aero Lite. The lightest screws on the market, they come in a versatile selection of sizes from the "stubby" 10cm all the way up to your thread-master 22cm. When every gram counts the Blue Ice is a no brainer. An aluminum shaft helps them cut down on weight while a stainless steel cap gives the cutting power the strength it needs. Blue Ice also puts on a large rubber cap with an easy to grip knob so that no time is wasted when wearing gloves. 

 Tech Specs:

• Material: Aluminum, Stainless steel
• Color-coated knob and hanger to easily identify screw lengths: RED (10cm-58g), GOLD (13cm-65g), BLUE (16cm-72g), GREY (19cm - 78g), GREEN (22cm-84g)
• Teeth protective cap
• Foldable stainless steel wire crank
• Highly textured crank knob for secure handling
• Certifications: CE EN 568, UIAA 151.