Grivel G22+ Evo Crampons

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Modern and light crampon for technical mountaineering and ice climbing.

G22 PLUS is characterized by two front points in forged steel with T-structure that make it a crampon that can be used in conditions of steep ice and technical mixed routes and difficult north faces. Chosen by top climbers, it has 12 points and is used by those who prefer the stability of the two points compared to the use of the single point.
You can replace the front points in case of high wear. The plasticity of the forged steel ensures a tight grip on the rock and a "soft" penetration on the ice. The position of each point is designed to provide greater stability in all climbing positions and on all forms of ice.
Equipped with the famous Grivel proactive Antibott system both on the front and on the back.


"The perfect crampon for big faces around the world. It was my faithful companion on the Cassin route on Denali, on the north of the Matterhorn and on various Himalyan adventures. Safe and stable, it can be used comfortably for the "piolet traction" from the classic terrain up to go to high difficulties"
Francois Cazzanelli, Grivel Team