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We just received a batch of MSR's new up-and-coming snow tools for field testing! MSR is debuting two avalanche shovels, three probes and a pretty slick snow saw for Fall of 2014. In our testing package we received the Responder and Operator Shovels the Striker CX 320, and Striker 320 probes.

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Salewa Pro Gaiter BootTester for this review: Chad Cochran 

Item Tested: Salewa Pro Gaiter Boots

Testing Areas / conditions: Cordillera Real, Bolivia; Conditions included everything from gravel road to blue ice to snow

Approximate # Days tested: 20

Basic description of product: The Salewa Pro Gaiter Boot is a mountaineering boot that has an adjustable shank in the sole allowing it to be changed from a ¾ length shank to a full shank with the twisting of a bolt. Other features include integrated gaiter, front and rear bails, and fine adjusting lacing system on the inner boot.

Similar products that you have used: I’ve had my foot in everything from a summer alpine boot with a ¾ length shank to a double plastic boot. 


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