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Cirque 35 (left) and Cirque 30 (right) As backcountry skiers, we carry a variety of things in our packs. There's the standard, beacon, shovel, and probe, but there are also extra layers, water, a repair kit, first aid, and the list goes on. While requirements vary by user, I think we're all in agreement that an ideal pack fits and functions well, with lightweight and durability as added bonuses. While I've only had the Cirque 30 pack from Black Diamond a few months, so far it checks the boxes of fit, function, and lightweight. I'll give you a durability report in a...

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If someone ever tells you to walk a day in their shoes, you should hope that they are wearing the Wildfires. If this is the case, I recommend walking, hiking and climbing in them because they excel in every category.

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Crux AK 57 Backpack


Tester for this review: Chad Cochran

Item Tested: Crux AK 57 Backpack

Testing Areas / conditions: The North Cascades (thick brush), Alaska (granite alpine rock climbing), and the Cordillera Real in Bolivia (Spring alpine climbing)

Approximate # Days tested: 40

Basic description of product: The Crux pack is a simple rucksack designed around the use and abuse required travelling and climbing in the Mountains.

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We just received a batch of MSR's new up-and-coming snow tools for field testing! MSR is debuting two avalanche shovels, three probes and a pretty slick snow saw for Fall of 2014. In our testing package we received the Responder and Operator Shovels the Striker CX 320, and Striker 320 probes.

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Salewa Pro Gaiter BootTester for this review: Chad Cochran 

Item Tested: Salewa Pro Gaiter Boots

Testing Areas / conditions: Cordillera Real, Bolivia; Conditions included everything from gravel road to blue ice to snow

Approximate # Days tested: 20

Basic description of product: The Salewa Pro Gaiter Boot is a mountaineering boot that has an adjustable shank in the sole allowing it to be changed from a ¾ length shank to a full shank with the twisting of a bolt. Other features include integrated gaiter, front and rear bails, and fine adjusting lacing system on the inner boot.

Similar products that you have used: I’ve had my foot in everything from a summer alpine boot with a ¾ length shank to a double plastic boot. 


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